Winners and losers from the 2020 NFL Trade Deadline

Ryan Homler
·4 min read

Winners and losers from the 2020 NFL Trade Deadline originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The 2020 NFL Trade Deadline has now come and gone, and somewhat surprisingly, there wasn't much to it. While plenty of teams were rumored to be in the market to buy or sell, the days leading up to 4 p.m. on November 3 were rather quiet.

Sometimes doing nothing isn't a bad thing. For example, the Washington Football Team opted to not acquire anyone for their second-half push and also held on to Ryan Kerrigan and Dwayne Haskins. Being that it wasn't worth mortgaging the future for a run at a bad division, and the value for some players may have been too low, there's no harm in standing pat.

Not every team should be rewarded for being quiet at the deadline. Others, however, should be applauded for addressing concerns or even looking toward the future halfway through the 2020 season.

Here's a look at some winners and losers from the NFL Trade Deadline.

Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore didn't do anything *at* the deadline, but the team made a major move in the leading weeks that will help it long term. It's not every day you can add a defensive piece like Yannick Ngakoue for a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 fifth-round pick. It's an immediate upgrade to the defensive front that will need to create pressure if the Ravens are going to challenge Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Eric DeCosta has become a master at making winning trades and he did it again in 2020. 

Loser: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay may be 5-2, a clear contender in the NFC and have Aaron Rodgers, but there were clear holes on the defense that could have used some addressing. Additionally, another option in the passing game for Rodgers definitely would not hurt. Davante Adams can only do so much.

Instead, the Packers did nothing. Much like when they spent their first-round pick in 2020 on Jordan Love, the decisions by the front office are confusing given the team's championship potential. 

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Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Unlike the Packers, Seattle is a top team that went out and at least tried to fill one of its needs. That came in the form of defensive end Carlos Dunlap. The veteran won't automatically change the defense, but he's a serviceable pass rusher joining a front that needs helps.

Loser: Chicago Bears

Another NFC North team that did nothing despite it being in a position to make a run at the playoffs. The Bears aren't on the same level as the Packers, but the defense is so dominant that anything can happen. The problem is, the offensive side of the ball is a mess.

Chicago could have gone out and got someone to help a desolate offensive line that gives Nick Foles no time to do anything with the football. They did not, and now the defense will have to continue to basically do it all for the Bears.

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Getting Avery Williamson was a strong move because getting more help at linebacker can never hurt. He should be able to at least provide valuable snaps for an already strong defense. At 7-0, Pittsburgh went out and tried to get better. That's exactly what you need to do at the deadline.

Loser: Houston Texans

At 1-6 and with no real draft capital due to Bill O'Brien's tenure, Houston could have faced the fact that the season is lost and their best move was to try and build for the future. They, like so many others, did nothing.

Even if they didn't feel comfortable giving up Will Fuller, Kenny Stills would have commanded some return. David Johnson as well. Even linebacker Zach Cunningham, who just signed for multiple years, was worth hearing offers on. Now Houston will continue to struggle in 2020 and lack the pieces to make that change soon. 

Winner: New York Jets

The Jets embraced the tank, and rightfully so. An 0-8 team, there were very few, if any, pieces that would be viewed as untouchable. So, New York went out, made a few moves and brought back draft capital that will help it in what will be a crucial offseason.