Windhorst: There is no bidding war to trade for Nets star Kevin Durant

Despite Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s trade request from the Brooklyn Nets, sports analysts inferred that the bidding war for the two stars hasn’t really taken off yet.

When it comes to Durant, specifically, there hasn’t been a big market even though over half of the league has called the organization with interest in the sharpshooting slender forward. Teams have made their offers, but the Nets haven’t received the “bidding war” that they were hoping for.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst took to ESPN to discuss the market for Durant and its current state. Windhorst hinted that the Nets expected more than what they are receiving at the moment.

Windhorst reported the following:

You know, when, when the Nets put him on the market, I think they thought there was gonna be a tremendous bidding war. And while there’s a lot of interest, from what I can tell that bidding war isn’t really hot right now, the teams have made their offers, and they don’t really feel the need to increase them. Now maybe we’ll see a little bit of action coming out of Summer League, all of the executives are gathering in Las Vegas over the next few days and there could be a restart in action there. But there’s no there’s been a couple of things that have happened that have even made it more complicated involved The Utah Jazz. The Jazz make this crazy trade with Rudy Gobert, last week where they get an incredible haul of draft picks which the Nets responded by saying, ‘Now the price for Durant just went higher’ and the rest of the league I SKIND OF SAYING, ‘We don’t think so. We don’t want to pay that price. We didn’t like that trade.’ And then you look at Donovan Mitchell after the Gobert trade there was a belief that maybe Mitchell would be next and maybe at some point he will be, but for now the Jazz are telling people they don’t intend to trade him and on Mitchell’s side he’s going to stand pat. He’s not going to force any action right now. So without Mitchell in the market, the teams are not trying to outbid each other. It doesn’t make sense for teams to sell their house to pay for a car even if their cars a Lamborghini, like Kevin Durant.


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire