Windhorst: LeBron James wants multiyear, nine-figure deal from Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been surging lately, and everyone is wondering if they will continue that momentum long enough to make the playoffs. But there is another pressing question concerning their future beyond this spring: Will LeBron James stay, or will he go?

There is reason to believe he will at least consider leaving the Lakers, especially if they fail to go far in the playoffs this season. However, there seems to be a growing feeling that he wants to stay put. James himself said during All-Star weekend that he has been very happy as a Laker and hopes it will continue.

In fact, Brian Windhorst believes the 39-year-old wants a big contract from the Lakers this offseason (h/t Lakers Daily).

“I don’t think this is LeBron’s last stand,” said Windhorst. “I don’t think this is the Lakers’ last stand. First off, I think LeBron is angling to sign a multiyear deal in the offseason with the Lakers that will be nine figures. That will be even bigger than the deal he is on now.

“Now, whether or not he’s able to finish that deal, whether or not the Lakers want to give him a three-year contract and pay him $60 million when he’s 42 years old, that’s a different discussion.”

Plenty of Lakers fans will likely scoff at the mere idea of the team paying him such an astronomical amount of money, especially at this point of his career, where it is unknown how much longer he will play at a high level. However, the alternative is having absolutely no shot at winning an NBA championship, possibly for many years or even decades.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire