Win or lose, WKU's Lutz calls it as he sees it

Jan. 12—One thing, among many things, that is admirable about first-year Western Kentucky basketball coach Steve Lutz is that he tells it like it is — following a victory, and following a defeat.

The latest example of this came Wednesday night in Huntsville, Texas, where the Hilltoppers were largely sloppy, undisciplined, and uninspired in a 78-74 loss to Conference USA foe Sam Houston State before a spooky, friends-and-family gathering in the cavernous Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum.

kAm%96 56762E D?2AA65 (z&'D 6:89E\82>6 H:??:?8 DEC622?5 =67E E96 w:==E@AA6CD 'a\c @G6C2== 2?5 '\' :? r\&$p 2D E96J AC6A2C6 7@C 2? :?G2D:@? 3J 7@C>6C (6DE6C? 4@249 #2J w2CA6C 2?5 y246D 2?5 5:5?'E D92C6 E96 32DA6E65 2?5 H6'G6 8@E E@ 36 E@F896C] *@F E:A J@FC 92E E@ $2> w@FDE@? 3642FD6 E96J >256 E96 A=2JD 2?5 D9@ED E96J ?66565 E@ >2:DD65 ?:?6 =2JFAD :? E96 7:CDE 92=7 2?5 7@FC @C 7:G6 >@C6 :? E96 D64@?5 92=7[ D@ H6 H6C6?'E 2D E@F89 @C 677:4:6?E 2D H6 ?66565 E@ 36 7:?:D9:?8 2E E96 C:>]k^Am

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