Win or lose, Giants' 2021 NFL Draft position could change drastically in Week 17

Scott Thompson
·2 min read
Giants treated image helmet
Giants treated image helmet

The Giants did not look god about the Baltimore Ravens at all in their 27-13 loss on the road Sunday. In fact, Big Blue hasn’t looked at all like they did during their four-game win streak from weeks ago. Instead, three straight losses have occurred, and they look lost.

And yet, somehow, some way, they can still make the playoffs this upcoming week.

The Washington Football Team lost, and so did the Philadelphia Eagles at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. That’s exactly what the Giants needed, as a win by either Washington or Philly would have eliminated them from the playoffs. Now, if the Giants beat the Cowboys and the Football Team loses to the Eagles this week, New York makes their first playoff appearance since 2016.

While that may be the biggest story, what about the NFL Draft implications?

Teams that go 6-10 and win their division is unheard of, but that could be the case for the Giants. And it would have major draft changes than what currently stands if it were to happen.

As it is right now, the Giants have the No. 8 overall pick in the 2021 Draft at 5-10. The Football Team, who is the current leader of the NFC East, automatically gets the No. 19 pick because they make the playoffs and have the lowest record. If that scenario above works and the Giants make the playoffs, they immediately go down to No. 19 and that’s where they select.

But there’s so many more scenarios that could go down in Week 17 to change the Giants’ draft slot. Just let ESPN’s Field Yates explain it:

Absolute insanity, right? Let’s break some of it down.

To acquire the No. 3 overall pick that the Miami Dolphins (traded by Houston Texans) own, the Giant would have to lose and the Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Eagles and Detroit Lions would all have to lose. In that exact order, you can trace down who needs to win and lose before you reach No. 8 where the Giants are currently at (for example, the No. 4 overall pick would be the Giants if they lose, the Texans lose, and the other four teams win. And so on).

Then, you can get into what happens when the Giants win, but so does the Football Team. These scenarios could potentially move the Giants into the teens even without making a playoff spot.

So this could split some fans depending on what they want: the playoff spot or the draft pick. It’s very intriguing to see what could happen as either outcome could move the Giants up and down the draft board after the games are complete on Sunday.