Wilson, St. Brown sit inside Berry's top-10 WRs

Matthew Berry, Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers highlight standouts in the top 10 of Berry's 2023 fantasy wide receiver rankings including Cooper Kupp, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Garrett Wilson and more.

Video Transcript

CONNOR ROGERS: Let's move over to your wide receiver rankings, your top 10 here, headlined by Justin Jefferson and Cooper Kupp in their own tier there at the top. Obviously, big expectations for a Kupp bounce back here, Berry. And then a lot of familiar characters, besides Garrett Wilson breaking into the top 10 after winning Offensive Rookie of the Year.

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MATTHEW BERRY: I mean, insanely talented and now gets Aaron Rodgers, who's no dummy. Rodgers is going to look for Wilson early and often. You see all sort of the typical names there that you expect. I don't think there's any shock. But Kupp I want to talk about at number two. I thought Jay, believe it or not, brought up a great point the other time we talked about Cooper Kupp.

CONNOR ROGERS: Nicely done, Jay.

MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Every once in a while, you run into it. But the point is that-- no, what Jay said, which I thought was so smart and spot on, was that Cooper Kupp, two years ago, the year the Rams won the Super Bowl, proved that when they're winning, he can be the best wide receiver in fantasy football. He can just be a dominant, dominant force.

But last year, when everything that could go wrong did go wrong, he was still a dominant force. We forget about it because Jefferson's season was so magical and because he got hurt. But last year, on a points per game basis, no one was better than Cooper Kupp. He averaged more fantasy points per game than Justin Jefferson, than Tyreek Hill, than Ja'Marr Chase, than anyone.


22.4 fantasy points per game in his eight full games. That's what he averaged. Had over 25 fantasy points in five of those eight full games. So even in a season in which everything that could have gone wrong for the Rams did go wrong, he was still an elite fantasy option. The floor is so high with Kupp, as is the upside. I not only have him as my number two wide receiver, but I have him as a top-four overall pick.

JAY CROUCHER: Yeah. No, absolutely with Kupp. I mean, we kind of maybe forget about it a little bit, but he did have maybe the greatest wide receiver season in history two years ago. And he's still young enough where it should be the same type of operation.

The one thing with him that I would worry about-- and maybe this is irrational. But you look at the other guys around him, guys like Jefferson, like Chase, other guys as well like Tyreek Hill, you expect that they're going to be on winning teams and playing meaningful games late in the season. I would worry a little bit that if Cooper Kupp has a niggling ankle injury, if that team is out of the mix, maybe he's not playing the last three weeks of the season. Whereas the other guys, you know that they're probably going to be out there.

So that would just be the one thing is that I don't think you really want to invest in the Los Angeles Rams. But Kupp, if he's healthy and out there playing, is as good as anyone.


CONNOR ROGERS: Berry, was Jameson Williams' suspension-- did that help Amon-Ra St. Brown in the rankings at all? Now there will be six games where it's Amon-Ra, pretty much, in a high-octane passing attack.

MATTHEW BERRY: It certainly didn't hurt. I mean, I was already high on Amon-Ra St. Brown. I mean, last year, look, he had a 29% target share. Targets are earned in the NFL. And the fact of the matter is that even if Jameson Williams is there, think about it. So Hockenson is no longer there. Who else do they have there? Marvin Jones made a return there. They have Josh Reynolds.

CONNOR ROGERS: It's not much.

MATTHEW BERRY: Kalif Raymond.


CONNOR ROGERS: Yeah, they drafted Gibbs and LaPorta.

MATTHEW BERRY: The rookie, Sam LaPorta. Right.

CONNOR ROGERS: And how much do those guys get immediately?

MATTHEW BERRY: Exactly. So the passing game-- and it's a pretty good passing game behind a good offensive coordinator. And Jared Goff, I think, has played above expectations here. Amon-Ra St. Brown is going to be the focal point of this passing attack. Last year, he had 13 games with eight or more targets. He averaged 19.3 fantasy points per game in those games.

And yes, we expect him to-- even when Jameson Williams is out there, Jameson Williams is a speedster. He's not a guy that's going to command 8 to 10 targets a game, I feel like. He's a guy that you take a couple of shots at. He's a guy that's going to be in the 5 to 6 target range to me. Amon-Ra coming out of the slot, to me, will continue to have a massive target share in a good offense. He's my wide receiver seven.