Willy Wonka fun helps St. Joseph students celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Jan. 31—DANVILLE — This week, Catholic schools all over are celebrating faith-based education. In Danville, students at St. Joseph School are being treated to fun activities with a Willy Wonka theme in celebration of Catholic Schools Week.

In Northumberland County, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School is celebrating as well. Monday was Lourdes' homecoming celebration — leading into Friday's homecoming basketball game against Tri-Valley. Other highlights include a faculty vs. student volleyball game today and an alumni basketball game on Sunday.

"This is a week to showcase who we are and why we believe in Catholic education," St. Joseph third-grade teacher Marcie Wintersteen said. "It's a time for us to come together and share in our Catholic faith."

The celebrations kicked off Sunday with Mass, followed by an open house of the school, according to Wintersteen.

When students walked into school Monday morning, they were met with a grand, Wonka-themed entrance and colorful decorations throughout the hallways and classrooms.

Third-grader Charlotte Shook said the entrance was her favorite of the many displays. "They're all so shiny and beautiful," she said.

The teachers at St. Joseph were in charge of the decorations as well as a week's worth of fun activities for their students, Wintersteen said.

On Tuesday morning, the students enjoyed a sugar high with an assortment of sweet treats to choose from, all of which would be finished with a chocolate fondue topping.

Sixth-grader Dayna Miller said she was excited to try fondue-covered goodies and was impressed by the number of options.

Throughout the week, the students will participate in a "Brain Bowl," which is a Jeopardy-like trivia game, make lollipops and compete in a Wii tournament playing Fruit Ninja, Wintersteen said.

They'll also go on a field trip to the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg for a viewing of the original, 1971 production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," according to Wintersteen.

Shane Torres, a sixth-grader, said he was excited to go to the movies and not have homework all week.

Ben Jose, a third-grader, said it was a treat to get to dress down and do fun activities with his friends.