Williamson and Walker win NASCAR Heat 4 All-Star event

Nick DeGroot

Both races were 50 laps in length with the PS4 drivers getting out on track first. Tyler Reddick and Kaz Grala also joined the field for the special event.


NJobes25, FlashNine and SmokeFan14_B20 controlled the race throughout an early flurry of cautions, trading the lead amongst themselves. 

Just before halfway, FlashNine and SmokeFan14_B20 came down pit road for their first stop of the race. NJobes25 followed suit three laps later. As green-flag pit stops cycled through, Stewart-Haas driver SmokeFan14_B20 emerged with the lead.

With less than 10 laps remaining, it became apparent that none of our top runners had enough fuel to go the distance and would be forced to make an additional stop. SmokeFan and is SHR teammate FlashNine ducked down pit lane first with nine laps to go. Hendrick No. 24 driver NJobes25 continued to lead until he too had to pit with five laps remaining. 

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