Will Philip Rivers' departure from the Chargers hurt Keenan Allen's 2020 fantasy outlook?

We’ve come to know Keenan Allen as a safe, constant source of fantasy production from the wide receiver position. Four 1,000+ yard seasons and five 100+ catch seasons; he might not get some of the recognition of his peers, but it’s hard to go wrong with Allen on your roster.

The 2020 version of Keenan Allen, however, comes with a big change: Philip Rivers will no longer be his quarterback on the Los Angeles Chargers.

Should this fact worry us?

Fantasy football analysts Liz Loza and Matt Harmon discuss in the video above.

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Liz points out that even though he’s one of the most productive and versatile WRs in the game, Allen’s current ADP is around the sixth round, a draft slot no doubt impacted by his separation from Rivers.

The question is, is Allen a good enough receiver to produce with Tyrod Taylor/Justin Herbert under center?

Matt thinks Taylor is a good enough passer to help Keenan continue succeeding. Remember, one of Taylor’s main criticisms is that he never throws outside — but this “knock” can actually help Allen’s game, as he works primarily inside.

In regards to Herbert, he might’ve seen the field early in a normal offseason, which could throw a damper in Allen’s outlook, but in this unprecedented year, Herbert might not get much action as the starter (unless Taylor completely blows it, that it).


At the end of the day, Keenan Allen is a complete No. 1 receiver, and Matt thinks we could all be overstating the effect Rivers’ exit will have on him.

Oh, and Sammy Watkins’ best season came with Taylor as his QB — just saying!