Wilder on recruitment strategy, Arblaster and interest in Hamer

Chris Wilder has been speaking to the media before Sheffield United's trip to Everton on Saturday.

Here are the main lines from his news conference:

  • On expiring contracts in the summer: "There's going to be casualties in there. With what's happened this season we know there's going to be some disappointed players who won't get offered contracts. We have to take it seriously and get it as perfect as we can."

  • On youngster Ollie Arblaster: "He's been himself on and off the pitch. It hasn't affected him at all. His performances have been first class at the highest level. For a player of a young age he's shown outstanding maturity in and out of possession. I'm delighted that he's with the football club for another four years."

  • When asked how to beat opponents Everton: "First of all we have to finish our chances. We have to execute better positions and opportunities to get that advantage and go up in games."

  • On Toffees manager Sean Dyche: "I've got a long relationship with him and an awful amount of respect for Sean. At the start of the season, their performances were miles better than their results. He's had a lot to put up with this year and has handled it how everyone would expect him to."

  • On the club's recruitment strategy in the summer: "We've always looked abroad. We have been a British based team which has done us no harm over the last seven or eight years. It's been difficult for the new guys to get out there [onto the continent] but we will build up that database of players. It's something we haven't really invested in enough."

  • Wilder added on recruitment: "We're not going to have an open chequebook, we're going to have to be really smart about this. We're going to have to use the loan market again."

  • On interest in Gustavo Hamer: "There's certain players that maybe won't want to be part of the journey and we understand that. There's certain players that we want to keep in the building and Gus is one of them. We are in a vulnerable position because of the finances involved in the Premier League. I can't categorically say that they'll be here for the next five years because I don't think that happens."

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