Wild US Open Qualifying Memo Sends Social Media Into Frenzy

 A US Open flag flutters in the wind
A US Open flag flutters in the wind

The US Open is the biggest men's golf tournament in the United States, with thousands and thousands of golfers looking to qualify for their national open and be part of a tournament which has seen legends of the game participate and win.

It's obviously memorable for those competing but, in a tweet sent out @acaseofthegolf1, it appears that final qualifying at Hillcrest CC in Los Angeles has caused quite a big talking point, with players forced to pay $100 for a practice round and, bizarrely, they aren't allowed to use, or even bring, their own caddie for that round, with players only allowed to use a forecaddie, a caddie from the club.

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The tweet, which you can read above, was captioned: "Hate to ruin the feel good Sat we have going buttttttt I’ve never heard this. Final qualifying for the US Open at Hillcrest CC And you have to hire one of their forecaddies for the practice round and…PLAYERS CANT BRING THEIR OWN CADDIES TO THE PRACTICE ROUND. What?"

In the bullet points, it is stated that only the top 90 players can, in fact, schedule a practice round and, when paying, they must use cash. Also, along with the inability to use their own caddies, players are expected to tip the group's caddie around $40 - $60 for their work.

As mentioned, players can't bring their own caddies to the practice round, nor are they allowed their own spectators and, in the last point of the memo, it reads: "Players will have access to complimentary F&B items in Crestview (the on-course comfort station) but will not have access to other dining options at the club during practice rounds."

Matt Fitzpatrick holds up the US Open trophy at Brookline
Matt Fitzpatrick holds up the US Open trophy at Brookline

The tweet caused some reaction from users, with Asian Tour winner, Berry Henson, responding: "Every sectional qualifier I have played, the course has been so accommodating and go out of their way to make you feel prepared and comfortable. In Ohio I’ve had free housing and yardage books before. This doesn’t look good IMO @USGA."

He wasn't the only one; another user wrote "potentially $240 plus fee for a forecaddie is a nice little earner," whilst another stated "why even agree to hold it if you are going to be douchy about it".