A wild scenario involving the Patriots trading Bill Belichick that just could work

Nick Ashooh
·2 min read

A wild scenario involving the Patriots trading Bill Belichick that just could work originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

It's clear they're losing their minds in Boston. It's understandable, they're not used to seeing the Patriots lose. 

Sure, we've seen our fair share of horrible seasons with the Washington Football Team, so we're pros at how to handle all the mounting losses, but clearly, in New England, they're taking the death of their dynasty pretty hard, and Boston sports media is creating some wild scenarios for what could come next.

This includes the idea of trading Bill Belichick. 

First off, I'm here for the chaos. Not just up there because all they do is win and I'm jealous, but because I love hearing wild scenarios we know likely would never happen. 

I support creative thinking and I'm not ashamed. 

Now, before you continue to laugh at the whole trade idea that was brought up on The Greg Hill Show on WEEI, remember that Belichick resigned as the head coach of the Jets, only to come to the Patriots in exchange for the 16th overall pick in the 2000 draft. This type of scenario, though rare, has happened before. 

While the Patriots sit at 2-5 and Tom Brady rolls through another MVP-caliber season, the doubts about their head coach are natural. He's 68, has a terrible roster, and who knows how much longer he'd actually want to do this. It's not like anyone in that organization is used to going through a rebuild, and I don't see Belichick being all that happy about starting one (then again he's never happy about anything so that doesn't say much).

Do I think this could come to fruition? I'd give it a 10 percent chance. All you need is one team that likes their roster but definitely needs a coach to round it out that maybe would be willing to talk to Robert Kraft about the idea. Belichick has to be in too though, and the pieces have to fall just right. 

Wait, what if the Jets land the No. 1 overall pick, take Trevor Lawrence, and trade to bring back their former coach who really didn't actually coach games there, and it all comes full circle?

Now this is the type of storyline that would turn the NFL upside down. 

I'm in. Let's make this happen New England.