Wild Card Weekend High Performance Players of the Week

Every weekend in the NFL playoffs, players deliver high impact moments that evoke the precision crafted performance of the all new Acura Integra Prototype. Charles Robinson & Frank Schwab highlight the athletes who delivered the top performances from Wild Card Weekend.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Every round of the playoffs delivers a new set of high-impact moments. To celebrate the all new Acura Integra Prototype, we're gonna take a look back at this week's top performances. Who you got?

FRANK SCHWAB: I have to go with the Buffalo Bills offense because it was historic. I mean, we've never seen this before in NFL history-- we're talking regular season, playoffs-- where a team has no punts, no field goal attempts, no turnover on downs. Just seven touchdowns. And then end of the game, they kneel on the ball. And it wasn't just week three against the Jaguars or something. This was against a defense that was pretty much a top-five defense all year. At some point this season, it was the number one defense.

This is one of the great offensive performances in the history of football. And not just Josh Allen, who played the best game of his career. Devin Singletary balled out. Stefon Diggs made plays. Dawson Knox continues to be a big-time player. Gabe Davis, Emmanuel Sanders, it was everybody. Anybody and everybody associated with the Bills offense played great.

And for that, I got to give the whole group high-performance player of the week. Because you're not gonna see that happen very often, especially against a Bill Belichick defense like that. Who do you got, Charles?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, geez, you take Josh Allen. You sweep up everybody when you took Josh Allen.

FRANK SCHWAB: I took all the Bills.

CHARLES ROBINSON: You took all of them.

FRANK SCHWAB: I took them all.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Because I would have taken Josh Allen, but you know what, you swept them all up. I think I got to go with Patrick Mahomes. Look, to me, I think the fact that it was classic Patrick Mahomes against a decent Steelers defense. Over 400 passing yards. Efficient. You saw chunk plays. He was able to get guys worked in that it's not just Travis Kelce and the Tyreek Hill show. I think there were six different guys who had 20-plus-yard passing plays.

And five touchdown passes, by the way. This, to me, is the Patrick Mahomes that we always think we're getting, we thought we were getting all season long. We're like this is 400 yards and five touchdowns. That's no big deal for Patrick Mahomes. He's done this repeatedly. But to see it happen now in the playoffs, I think, sets the Kansas City Chiefs on that track. It re-solidifies what we thought about them early in the season.

It's taken a little time to get here. We kept saying, hey, the offense still isn't quite there. This was the game where I'm like, nope, offense is there. Now it feels like it's locked into place, and I think so much of that flows from Patrick Mahomes. Line's protecting him well, but I think he's making a lot of really good decisions.

For me, there was no question. Other than Josh Allen, definitely the top offensive performer of the week. So those were the high-performance players of the week, presented by the all new Acura Integra Prototype.