Wil Lutz changes his mind and will stay in Denver after all

Need a reminder that no player can officially sign with a new team until Wednesday? Former New Orleans Saints kicker Wil Lutz agreed to join the Jacksonville Jaguars early Monday afternoon, but he changed his mind before dinnertime. The contracts announced during the tampering window can only be agreed to, but not officially signed. Due to this, Lutz can return to the Denver Broncos without actually breaking his deal with Jacksonville.

Lutz has previously stated his best years were with Sean Payton. Coincidentally, or not, Lutz found some of his magic again in Denver. Lutz only missed 4 field goals all year and went on multiple 5-plus week stretches without a missed attempt. Lutz’s best years were with Payton and his future years will be with Payton as well.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire