Wife of Buccaneers star makes reckless claim about Derek Carr and Raiders linemen

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Miko Grimes, the wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers standout cornerback Brent Grimes, is no stranger to controversial remarks. She feuded with Miami Dolphins beat writers while her husband was with that team, and her tweets are, shall we say, colorful.

But on Tuesday, Grimes made a reckless claim on a nationally syndicated morning program, and the players she’s accusing are defending themselves against her story.

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Appearing on “The Breakfast Club,” Grimes casually asserted that the Oakland Raiders offensive linemen allowed quarterback Derek Carr to get injured after a locker room fight in which Carr demanded that his teammates stand during the national anthem and not kneel.

Miko Grimes (R) the wife of Tampa Bay cornerback Brent Grimes, made controversial statements during a Tuesday radio appearance. (Special to Yahoo)
Miko Grimes (R) the wife of Tampa Bay cornerback Brent Grimes, made controversial statements during a Tuesday radio appearance. (Special to Yahoo)

She did not say where the story came from or offer anything in the way of sourcing to back up her claim.

“A lot of people don’t know, but the reason Derek Carr got injured is because the Raiders offensive line allowed him to get injured because he was against them protesting,” Grimes said.

She continued that the players had fought, and Carr insisted that his teammates must stand.

But Grimes said the fight occurred before a Monday night game, and the Raiders haven’t played a Monday game yet this season.

All five members of Oakland’s offensive line are African-American; they and several other players sat during the national anthem before the team’s Week 3 Sunday night game against Washington. But Carr was injured in the Raiders’ game a week later, against the Denver Broncos, while he was scrambling.

Carr suffered a transverse process fracture in his back and missed the Raiders’ next game.

Predictably, Oakland players have responded to her comments.

Left tackle Donald Penn didn’t mention Grimes specifically, but tweeted, “It’s crazy how people will make up lies and tell a story so false and untrue.”

Oakland cornerback Antonio Hamilton also responded on social media, first tweeting, “A lie don’t care who tells it as long as it’s told. People will do & say anything just to get a few minutes of fame. Almost (every) word was false.”

A short time later, Hamilton posted a longer response, affirming that Carr is, as Grimes said, “a Bible thumper.”

He is a great man of God who isn’t afraid to express and show his love for Christ,” Hamilton wrote. “Everything else she said was a lie.”

ESPN’s Dianna Russini said she checked with Oakland sources and was told, “This couldn’t be further from the truth,” and that Carr respected his teammates’ decision.

In the aftermath, Grimes has gone on a Twitter rant, saying she was told the story about the linemen intentionally getting Carr injured from a guest on her podcast. She tweeted the link to the show, and one of the guests listed is “@raiderbounty,” a largely anonymous Twitter account with less than 700 followers.

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