‘Wide open’ Super Bowl race may lessen need for home field | Inside Coverage

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz, Jori Epstein and Charles Robinson look at the current standings in the playoff picture and explain why not all home-field advantage is created equal among the top seeds, particularly in the AFC. Hear the full conversation on “Inside Coverage” - part of the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: What I would say other than San Francisco, who by the way had a losing streak in the middle of the season after a couple of injuries, which shows some vulnerability, it's going to be a wide open field, I think, for the Super Bowl this year. I wouldn't be surprised if, when all the seating settles out and we look at, say, the top four seeds in the AFC and NFC, I wouldn't be surprised if we look at any of those teams and go, yeah, it's really realistic that number four seed could win the Super Bowl this year.

JORI EPSTEIN: Well, and I like what you said at the beginning about the Chiefs because I think we kind of just expect them to be otherworldly because Patrick Mahomes is otherworldly. The Chiefs have played 16 playoff games since their last road playoff game, which is just crazy.

JASON FITZ: I'd also add that not all home fields are created equal. Not all home field advantages look the same. And to your point that Mahomes has never in his career played a true road playoff game. So when you think about what that means for them, I mean, look, it's not that Jacksonville getting home field advantage means that, oh, my God, we have to go through the gauntlet known as Jacksonville-- no disrespect to Jags fans. But it's less about that, and it's more about the Jags realizing they wouldn't have to go to Arrowhead. That's the big advantage.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I would say that especially in this season with this Chiefs unit with what feels like some shortcomings at wideout, it's a really important year for the Chiefs to get that one seed-- more than usual, I think.