Why Warriors all questioned Andre Iguodala's 2018 injury vs. Rockets

Drew Shiller
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Let's take a walk down memory lane to the 2018 Western Conference finals.

The Warriors crushed the Houston Rockets in Game 3, 126-85. But they lost Andre Iguodala for the rest of the series -- plus the first two games of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers -- because of a leg injury.

People were surprised the "left lateral leg contusion/bone cruise" kept the 2015 NBA Finals MVP sidelined for so long.

In September 2018, Iguodala revealed he sustained a "spider fracture," with a recovery timeline of three to five weeks (more on that later).

OK. Let's fast forward to present day.

On Wednesday morning, Kevon Looney joined 95.7 The Game's morning show and had the following exchange with host Joe Fortenbaugh:

Fortenbaugh: "A lot of people were coming out saying, 'How bad is this injury? How come he's (Iguodala) not playing?' I think part of that was because the team -- and rightfully so in a smart way -- was trying to keep the information that made it out to the public limited. But that created all this speculation. So behind closed doors, what were you guys talking about as you heard the media questioning the severity of the injury?"

Looney: "We were all questioning the severity of it. We didn't really know. Andre is pretty poker-faced. He kept everything under wraps. We saw him rehabbing every day but we were really focusing in on that series.

"Us being down, we were just trying to come back and win. We were trying to figure out if Andre was gonna be back. But they kind of told us that he was done for Houston and if we make it to the Finals that he would be back hopefully.

"That was tough not having one of our leaders out there on the court -- kind of changed all our lineups and all our rotations because he was one of the guys that closed games for us and always came up big.

"That was a tough time."

Wow. Pretty cool to hear a little bit of what was going on inside Golden State's locker room at the time. In addition to facing elimination twice (and trailing by double digits at halftime in Games 6 and 7), the Warriors were dealing with some legitimate adversity.

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Lastly, let's circle back to Iguodala's comments from months after his injury:

"I know what it was. A lot of people knew what it was. But I just went along with it. Whatever you say it is, a bruise or whatever, I should be back day today. But I know it wasn't day today. All right, cool.

"Players can fold under that type of scrutiny ... if I can't talk to y'all, I'm isolated. That can do some damage to players. I've seen it firsthand. Guys fold and don't attempt to come back. But I tried to keep the right mindset. I had the ‘whatever' mentality where I don't really care."

Oh, the memories ...

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Why Warriors all questioned Andre Iguodala's 2018 injury vs. Rockets originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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