Why the T'Wolves knocking out the Nuggets is the best outcome for the NBA

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz breaks down why he thinks the Timberwolves knocking out the Nuggets gives them an opportunity to take over the league.

Video Transcript

The Minnesota Timberwolves, eliminating the Denver Nuggets was a gift from the basketball gods to the NBA and the league should be forever grateful.

Look, the Nuggets just didn't connect in a moment of truth here.

If we're gonna be honest, when's the last time you saw a team trying to go back to back, get this little conversation.

And I'm not even just talking about this year, last year during their title run were people paying attention?

Not really the way they usually do and speaking of paying attention, we all know how the world doesn't seem to flock to Nikola Jokic.

I don't know why, but it just hasn't created the level of conversation you would expect think of any of the four major sports and then find me somebody that goes back to back to back as an MVP, but then doesn't just dominate every single day.

A talk about that same league they're in doesn't happen for whatever reason.

The Nuggets and Yogis just haven't become the pop culture phenomenon that usually happens when a team is in this era of greatness, especially with some of the personalities they have, especially with their coach.

It just didn't click.

So now what do you get, y you get a young Timberwolves team that everybody's falling in love with, with the superstar that suddenly is rising above and I'll go back to eighties wrestling here.

If you grew up a wrestling fan in the eighties, you know that the concept of getting somebody over, sometimes you need to have a bad guy as a dominant figure that, that then gets taken down and it creates a hero, right?

Iron sheik was taken down by Hulk Hogan and all of a sudden, boom, we got the I am a real American song going everywhere, right?

Andre the giant had to be taken down by Hulk Hogan.

This is sort of a written thing.

The NBA didn't write this but they get that same effect.

A dominant team with the most dominant player in the world taken down.

Well, the good news is they can assert that dominance in the conversation of, wow, Minnesota deserves to be here.

But at the same time, everybody gets a hero, a better team, an easier team to root for because the personalities for whatever reason connect.

I don't know if this is about Anthony Edwards dropping f bombs in press conferences or just the way he plays the game.

But right now, look at the four remaining teams.

Look, everybody has an opinion one way or the other on Boston that can't be taken away but are people really passionate outside of Indiana about Indiana.

Not really.

All right, Dallas is that moving the needle for everybody?

Not really, Minnesota is.

Minnesota has the opportunity right now to take this darling status and become something bigger in the NBA in a world where we take the culture and only talk about chips.

Everything that is accomplished during the regular season doesn't matter.

Personal, legacies are narrowed down to how many championships did they win?

This is a golden moment for Minnesota to find their way into this level of attention, to find their way into this platform.

And if they can somehow win it all, all of a sudden, Anthony Edwards becomes the face of the league and this team becomes darlings.

There aren't a lot of people that have a polarizing negative opinion about Minnesota coming into this now that they've taken out a champion that people just didn't seem to gravitate towards.

You have to wonder if now Minnesota is truly primed to become one of the iconic teams of the right now in the NBA.

And if that happens, the NBA will always look back on the Nuggets and say thank you for passing the torch, albeit a short run for Denver.

This one big moment for Minnesota establishes them and gives them an opportunity to take over the league.