Why Trey Lance believes Jimmy Garoppolo tandem will work out for 49ers

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Why Lance believes Jimmy G tandem will work this season originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

SANTA CLARA -- If the situation inside the 49ers’ quarterback room seemed as if it would be a difficult arrangement a year ago, a whole new level of weirdness was introduced last week.

But those close to the situation believe the only awkwardness surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance is what is projected from the outside.

How did Garoppolo and Lance get along and work well together last year? And how can Lance and Garoppolo make it work again this season?

Lance has a simple answer.

“I mean we’re just good people,” Lance said on 49ers Talk.

Garoppolo remained as the starter for the 2021 season even after the 49ers traded two future first-round draft picks in order to move up to No. 3 overall to select Lance.

This year, the roles are reversed: Lance is the starter and Garoppolo accepted a significant pay cut last week to remain with the 49ers as Lance’s backup.

“At the end of the day, we come and we know this is our job,” Lance said. “This is what we’re on earth to do. This is what we care about, and this is what we love to do.

“So we’re both competitors. We competed last offseason. We continue to compete every single rep in practice this year.”

Garoppolo said last week that his ego did not get in the way of him deciding the 49ers offered him the best opportunity this season.

“I think you have to know who you are in this league,” Garoppolo said. “Who you are as a player, who you are as a person and I think that's going to carry you a long way. So that's why I'm really not too concerned about that.”

Lance said he supported the 49ers’ decision to keep Garoppolo around as the No. 2 quarterback on the team’s depth chart. Obviously, Garoppolo’s personality went a long way toward Lance being comfortable with the situation.

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“He’s a great person, great guy in the locker room,” Lance said. “Everyone loves Jimmy. It’s the way he handles himself.

“The situation last year was, I’m sure, tough on him. But the way he came about it and handled it, I don’t think he could’ve handled it in a better way.”

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