Why was Scottie Scheffler arrested by the police before a PGA tour event?

World No. 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler was arrested and charged with a felony on Friday after reportedly not following traffic instructions and trying to drive around a fatal crash in Louisville, Kentucky, where the PGA Championship is being held.

According to reports from ESPN, Scheffler was charged with felony second-degree assault on a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding signals from officers directing traffic.

Scheffler was released by police at 7:40 a.m. without bail and he returned to the Valhalla Golf Course where he would tee off at 9:08 to continue competing in the PGA Championship.

ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington witnessed the incident and said Scheffler was trying to drive around the scene of the scene, disregarded an officer’s order to stop, and continued to drive toward the entrance of the Valhalla Golf Course. It was then that an officer attached himself to Scheffler’s car. Scheffler stopped and was pulled out of his car, placed in handcuffs and arrested.

Darlington took video of Scheffler’s arrest and posted it to X, formerly Twitter.

The former Masters Champion took to Instagram to call the arrest a misunderstanding.

“This morning I was proceeding as directed by police officers. It was a very chaotic situation, understandably so considering the tragic accident that had occurred earlier,” said Scheffler. “There was a big misunderstanding of what I thought I was being asked to do.”