Why Raiders' iconic logo should never be listed among worst in NFL

Jessica Kleinschmidt
·1 min read

How do you determine what is, and what isn't, a good NFL logo?

NBC Sports Philadelphia devised a list of the 10 worst logos in the game with Raiders listed at the No. 7 spot.

Here's what they said:

"They may have moved from Oakland to Las Vegas, but for some reason, stuck with this thing. It's too busy and the colors aren't anything special. Perhaps if the shield and "Raiders" were removed to showcase the swords and the male figure, it could simplify it. Or get rid of the head altogether. Anything is better than this."

So, I get what they were saying, but when I think of the Raiders, I like the fact that they're staying true to the OG logo we're used to -- it's iconic. People fear change. After all, they're now called the Las Vegas Raiders.

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They have one of the most unique color schemes in the game and it doesn't seem too busy despite the detail and reminds me of how fierce the fans are. Despite a few, subtle changes over the years, the logo has stood the test of time. 

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The San Diego Los Angeles Chargers continued to update their logo and the sports world had a field day with it. 

You don't mess with the classics. 

Why Raiders' iconic logo should never be listed among worst in NFL originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area