Here’s why one man allegedly bought a gun to save himself from crazy Sacramento Kings fans

Ball Don't Lie

This is a TMZ report, to be taken with the same grain of salt afforded all TMZ reports, with no on-record sources nor documents nor even quotes. In the heart of NBA season, this wouldn't even qualify as news — but we're not in the heart of an NBA season. And, more importantly, we like to poke fun at people.

Even if they're, allegedly, carrying a gun.

Follow me here: Sacramento Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof have a sister named Adrienne, who apparently is a reality TV show star of some renown. Her husband, Dr. Phil Nassif, recently filed for divorce from Adrienne, and amongst the charges she allegedly lobbed toward the Beverly alleged Hills surgeon during alleged custody hearings is the alleged news that Dr. Nassif has owned and allegedly inappropriately operated a handgun for the last nine years.

Allegedly, through an unsourced and quote-less brief from TMZ, Dr. Nassif claims he needs the guns to protect him from allegedly rabid Sacramento Kings fans. All 1,200 of them.

Here's TMZ:

Paul says he and his estranged wife -- whose family owns the Kings -- have been inundated with threats over the last year ... all because they're contemplating moving the Kings out of Sacramento to Virginia City -- a move that has Kings fans up in arms.

Paul says the tension with the team, combined with their large fortune, puts them in constant life-threatening situations.

Considering that I've covered the NBA since 1997 and it took me to 2011 to even hear of Adrienne Maloof, this seems a bit preposterous. Then again, I'm not a Sacramento Kings fan. Fewer and fewer are, these days, and the Maloof family is the only reason why.

Kings fans -- once they stopped harassing a guy who allegedly had nine years worth of advanced foresight over the Kings' flirtation with "Virginia City" (it's Virginia Beach, really) before allegedly scooped up the gun following Lawrence Funderburke's last season with the team — appear to be more concerned with Joe and Gavin Maloof's rankings on ESPN's recent best and worst franchise list. ESPN the Magazine ranked each major pro basketball, hockey, football and baseball franchise in several categories recently, and the always-broke and lookin'-to-move Maloof brothers ranked 122nd out of 122 ownership groups.

Actually, "concerned" isn't the word. Jokes aside, Kings fans are rabid, and knowledgeable. So the ranking was more expected than anything, and anything that's expected doesn't usually cause much concern because you see it coming from so far away.

Unless they see Dr. Paul Nassif coming from far away. Because they probably have no clue who the dude even is, or why he — allegedly — is packing heat.

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