Why the NFL should give the players a chance to opt out of 2020 season

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Seems like each day is a new adjustment trying to bring back sports with the coronavirus pandemic still calling the shots.

The NFL cancelled weeks 1 and 4 of the preseason (but talks of cancelling all of preseason are still on the table).

The Big Ten Conference cancelled all non-conference games impacting all of collegiate football.

Minor league baseball has officially cancelled its season.

It is a domino effect.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin, who is back with the Seahawks after agreeing to a one-year deal, posed an interesting question on July 8:

Irvin is not the first player, and likely won't be the last, to question the legitimacy of full-contact sports amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It's not like football is a non-contact or individual sport either. It's exactly the opposite. 

The NBA gave the players the right to sit out of the resumption of the season in Orlando, Florida at the end of this month, so the NFL should offer that same right to its players.

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told 710 ESPN radio in Seattle on Friday morning that he would be in favor of pushing back the start of training camps if necessary.

The NFL and NFLPA are continuously negotiating on what training camps will look like: will there be fans and how many? What specific drills will teams be allowed to run? There is talk of no scrimmaging or 11-on-11 drills. What?

On Thursday, the NFL announced that even jersey-swapping following games will be forbidden.

This begs the question, what quality of product will the NFL produce with these limitations? Is it worth it to push through it all and still play the game? Or should the season just be pushed back all together with an attempt to make it a full product when the time is right?

What do you think?

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