Why are the NFL owners taking so long in the sale of the Commanders?

Why are the NFL owners taking so long in the sale of the Washington Commanders?

NFL owners have more than a few occasions declared that they must undergo a process of vetting the new owners comprising the Josh Harris Group.

Have the NFL owners forgotten where this franchise was just one calendar year ago? Have the NFL owners already forgotten how badly they wanted Daniel Snyder out of their elite club? Have they not recalled how this once-mighty franchise that was selling out all home games, has plummeted to number 32 last season in home attendance?

NFL owners just one year ago were doomed with Daniel Snyder. The plan was Snyder would hold onto the team until his children were old enough to take the reigns of ownership. But this would also mean Snyder would hang around for who knows how many more decades?

Losing at least half of the fan base, how much more could the NFL owners permit the declining trajectory of the Snyder-owned franchise to descend lower and lower? And, for how long would they permit such a downward trend?

Suddenly, during the 2022 season, it was announced Snyder was surprisingly looking to sell. Who would have dreamed the Josh Harris group would agree to overpay $6 billion for a franchise in decline and in need of a new stadium as well?

By the new year, the Snyder’s offices at the Ashburn facility were cleaned out, and Snyder did not even show up for Sonny Jurgensen’s No. 9 retirement ceremony. He was really done with the franchise. He was already moving on!

Isn’t this better (much better) than the NFL owners could have ever imagined? It has been Christmas for the NFL owners. They have been given a huge gift, and frankly, are they showing the gratitude they should display?

Josh Harris has incredibly provided the NFL owners the opportunity to rid themselves of Daniel Snyder, to help the Washington franchise regain a financial stability it once enjoyed for decades.

Yet, why are the NFL owners dragging their feet on this? Why won’t they go ahead and confirm Josh Harris has the new owner of the Washington Commanders?

Sometimes I wonder if this is a game of “chicken.” For instance, what if Harris suddenly proclaimed to the owners, “I’m sick of you not trying to help this franchise get ready for this season from a business side of things. So, you have two weeks to vote and confirm my ownership, or I am out. You can find someone else to replace ‘Mr Snyder’.”

Would we hear a different tune from the owners? Would they suddenly put their feet to the task and ‘get ‘er done’?

These delays, according to head coach Ron Rivera are costing the Commanders. They cannot have contract talks with any of their players who are entering the final year of their contracts, such as Kam Curl and Montez Sweat.

With modern-day technology, why can’t the NFL owners simply Zoom together and resolve this issue, allowing the Commanders to get back into business?

It is a competitive disadvantage. In addition, we are now being told this vote on the sale of the Commanders from Snyder to Harris may not be voted upon until August? Seriously?

“You cannot be serious!” (think John McEnroe).

Come on, NFL owners, get moving and do your part.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire