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Yahoo Sports national columnist Dan Wetzel is joined by senior college football reporter Ross Dellenger and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde to discuss the complications arising from the NCAA's settlement proposal and the ensuing debates over financial responsibilities. Hear the full conversation on the “College Football Enquirer” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotifylp or wherever you

Video Transcript

Five power leagues, five group of five leagues.

And then you've got the, the other 22 many of those non football playing leagues, those leagues, those 22 are requesting a different, um a different formula to be used on how the NCAA pays the back damages, the 2.77 billion in back damages in the house case.

The current proposal is that the NCAA S national office, the group of five in the non football conferences.

So the NC A national office basically in the 22 will pay 60% of the back damages about 1.6 billion, I believe somewhere around there.

And the power five will pay 1.1 billion.

So it's a 6040 split.

Uh The, so what's happening is the 22 are wanting to basically flip that they want to pay 40% in the power fives take 60 the exact amount I just got it.

That's what I'm working on.

I got the proposal from the 22.

The exact amount is 58.

They want, they want the power schools to pay 58% of the back damages and they pay 42%.

So what we're we're having here is, is a big surprise.

A struggle over money nil comes in play in, what was it?

2021 whenever, when, whenever nil was allowed.

So for four years prior, those athletes have a class action suit saying, hey, we should have got in on the nil, you owe us because you blocked us from making nil money.

So here's the case for the smaller leagues.

If I'm America East, our guys weren't getting crap in nil because no one's ever heard of them.

Nil is not our thing.

We don't really participate in nil because we, so you guys should take the burden of it because you're Alabama football and you're Kentucky basketball and you're whatever, right?

You're Ohio State, you should pay it.


That's their argument.

You can tell me why I'm right or wrong later.

And then the big school's argument is pound sand.

I've heard from several people in the, in the 22 leagues that are not part of F BS in the last few days myself.

And yeah, the belief is that they will tell you that Charlie Baker has spent too much time in too many meetings with the power conferences, is listening to them and just ta and factoring in how they want to see this settled more than he is anybody else, which, you know, you probably should listen to those people.

But that, yes, that, uh, that they're being asked to shoulder a disproportionate amount of this given where they stand in the firmament in terms of revenue and in terms of the yeah, their participation of their players in this.

And just because this says this is a division one settlement, it doesn't mean that the tail end, so to speak of division one should be footing that much of the bill.