Why Nate Duncan doesn't think Warriors will trade No. 2 pick for star

Josh Schrock
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Why Duncan doesn't think Warriors trade No. 2 pick for star originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

With just over a week left until the 2020 NBA Draft, we still know very little about what the Warriors plan to do with the No. 2 overall pick.

Do they have their eyes on James Wiseman? Perhaps LaMelo Ball or Deni Avdija? Or will they trade the pick for an accomplished star such as Jrue Holiday or Bradley Beal?

Nate Duncan, the host of the Dunc'd on Podcast, is betting the Warriors won't trade the selection.

"I think you always want to bet on them keeping the pick," Duncan said on the latest episode of Runnin' Plays. "But there are so many factors. One of them is simply the availability of a player that they might deem to be worth it. For example, Jrue Holiday. Is that a player that would be willing to include the No. 2 pick for?

"But then you throw in all of the difficulties in salary matching. Andrew Wiggins probably has to be in the deal, and do the Pels want to take on Andrew Wiggins. That is something that has to go into the evaluation of what the pieces in the deal are. Do the Pels send anything back in the deal? Like the No. 13 pick has been bandied about. Do the Warriors say, 'Yeah, Jrue Holiday, 30 years old in the last year of his contract.' Is that worth giving up the No. 2 pick? This our chance to build a bridge to a new era.

"For players who are above Jrue Holiday level like Bradley Beal, you'd say that's probably a no-brainer to put the No. 2 pick in. But there's been no indications that he's available. My guess would be that they are probably going to stick there and that they are going to make that selection. Maybe they trade that player later on when there's a little more certainty at the trade deadline or next offseason, but my prediction is they do, in fact, make the pick."

Smokescreen season is in full effect ahead of the 2020 NBA Draft. The Warriors have been connected to just about every possible prospect.

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Most believe the Warriors have their eyes on Wiseman, but the Minnesota Timberwolves reportedly are thinking about taking the Memphis center at No. 1. The Charlotte Hornets reportedly love Wiseman and could trade up to No. 1 to select him. If Wiseman is off the board, there are rumors that the Warriors' ownership could push for the front office to draft LaMelo Ball. The Warriors also reportedly are "high" on Avdija and Devin Vassell, but might feel more comfortable trading down to select them.

The Warriors can go any number of ways when the draft tips off. Smart money is on them keeping the pick and drafting a player who can be the bridge between the Curry era and the next iteration of Warriors basketball. But if the right deal appears, don't expect Bob Myers to hesitate.

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