Here’s why Mike Woodson had no eyebrows in 2010

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  • Mike Woodson
    Mike Woodson
    American basketball player and coach

The NBA is full of weird stories and events, but few have ever matched when Mike Woodson, then head coach of the Atlanta Hawks (and now interim boss of the New York Knicks), showed up to a game in January 2010 without any eyebrows. It was a bizarre event, one with many possible outlandish explanations. I personally thought he might have been moonlighting as a Whoopi Goldberg impersonator, or at least trying to capture some of her NBA coach mojo from the hit movie "Eddie."

For the last 26 months, NBA fans have wondered how and why this happened. Finally, we have an answer from Michael Cunningham, Hawks beat reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Check out his explanation after the jump (via TrueHoop):

Well, that answer makes sense and is disappointingly normal. At the very least, we know coach Woodson is a forgiving man, because he didn't even look particularly upset that someone had accidentally screwed up his eyebrows. Maybe he's a big fan of the movie "My Best Friend's Girl" and thought it was hilarious that he looked like Jason Biggs' character.

We can give an indirect assist to Howard Beck of The New York Times for this answer, too, because his Thursday profile of Woodson put the issue on everyone's mind again. Truly, as the proverb goes, it takes a village to figure out why a coach showed up to a basketball game with no eyebrows.

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