Why Mike Evans’ new deal hints at likely Baker Mayfield reunion | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz & Frank Schwab react to the two-year, $52 million deal for the wide receiver to remain in Tampa Bay, and why it’s a sign the Buccaneers are also close to retaining their quarterback from last season as well. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: Mike Evans back with the Buccaneers, two years, 35 million fully guaranteed. My guy got paid. And all I can think is that must mean that they feel like they're confident that the Baker deal is also done. Like, you don't pay that to Mike Evans and he doesn't stay there if he doesn't know that his quarterback situation is going to be set.

FRANK SCHWAB: Got to love the fact that a Hall of Fame guy-- and Mike Evans is probably first ballot at this point-- he's going to remain probably his entire career with the Buccaneers. I mean, who knows? Maybe we'll get two years down the road and Mike's still balling and he goes somewhere else.

To your point, yes, I don't think Mike necessarily comes back if he doesn't think Baker is his quarterback or isn't comfortable with whoever his quarterback would be. But you do assume the whole time the Baker thing will get done. It's just a good match and good for Mike Evans, good for the Buccaneers, good for all of us NFL fans. You get to watch Mike Evans keep playing there.

JASON FITZ: You've got Baker telling me that the weapons are part of the reason he felt so comfortable. You've got one of the main weapons saying, I'm not going somewhere unless I believe I can win a Super Bowl and I know my quarterback. Now we have the Mike Evans news that he signed the deal. That's why I think it's inevitable, now that Baker is going to be off the market and he's back, which makes sense because now you're keeping all of them together.

And, by the way, you're in a terrible division. The Bucs can win that division. So that gives you a chance. Like, you get in the dance, you got a chance. The Bucs got to feel like all they got to do is run it back and not suck and they'll be able to win that division.

FRANK SCHWAB: And I don't know their ceiling. I don't know if they have a Super Bowl ceiling. But yes, why wouldn't they win the NFC South again next year? I mean, they should. They'll be the favorites. I'll tell you that.

The one thing we do have to worry about is Dave Canales left. He's now at the Panthers. We underrate when teams lose their coordinators. He was a big part of what-- there's a reason he got a head coaching job. We'll see how they adjust after that.

But yeah, you got to feel good about where the Bucs are right now. I mean, a lot of people expected them to be one of the worst teams in the league. I never really bought that. I also didn't think they were going to make the playoffs, either.

So they had a very good season and looking to build on that. They got a lot of work to do in free agency with other-- not just Baker and not just Evans, but Winfield and a few of their other guys. But right now, the Buccaneers are off to a good start in the off season.