Why Mets owner Steve Cohen is cited in minor leaguers' class action lawsuit against MLB

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Steve Cohen talks to media at Nationals Park
Steve Cohen talks to media at Nationals Park

Steve Cohen has been known for his tweets since taking over as owner of the Mets. But one tweet in particular is now being used in a lawsuit to support minor league players looking for back pay.

It’s a class action suit that is seven years in the making – minor leaguers sued MLB for back pay and it’s set to go on trial on June 1, 2022. But, as The Athletic learned, they have “asked a federal judge to preempt the trial and unilaterally rule in their favor, a standard legal practice at this stage, with each party filing voluminous motions and exhibits to argue its case.”

One of those exhibits? A tweet from Cohen, who said this on Aug. 1:

“Education time – Baseball draft picks are worth up to 5x their slot value to clubs. I never shy away from investments that can make me that type of return.”

Cohen’s tweet was referring to the Kumar Rocker draft choice that went awry after his standard physical showed injury concerns, which caused the Mets not to sign him.

But it’s a tweet that works for these minor leaguers, helping their case.

“One recent indication of the value of a minor league player comes from Steven Cohen, owner of the New York Mets,” Dr. Erica Groshen wrote in an expert report that is part of the lawsuit backing the players. “He asserts that baseball draft picks are worth up to five times their slot value to Clubs.”

Groshen is using the tweet to prove minor league players are investments for clubs with potential at all levels.