Why so many parents are making the eco-friendly switch to cloth diapers

The hashtag #clothdiapers boasts over 188 million views on TikTok, . suggesting that a growing number of young parents are saying goodbye to landfill-bound disposable diapers, and embracing the reusable, eco-friendly cloth alternative. A single baby produces 8 to 10 dirty diapers in just one day — over 2,200 in the first year of life — . and more than 3.6 million babies were born in the U.S. in 2021. The math quickly becomes a little terrifying. Some single-use disposable diapers claim to be environmentally safe, but the very nature of such diapers makes that an impossibility. Because diapers don't break down, it's estimated that they will sit in our landfills for over 500 years, where they will help to produce lethal gases and toxins. If families are able to use more energy-efficient washers, making the switch to cloth diapering can have a positive impact on the environment. a single cloth diaper should be able to survive for years — not only saving trash from entering our landfills, but saving parents a ton of money as well

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