Why Kadarius Toney could be 'electric' in the NFL

In Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast's Rookie Snapshot, Liz Loza and Eric Edholm break down NFL prospect Kadarius Toney and decide what word best describes the former Florida receiver. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Because he is an interesting player to evaluate, where did you start with him? Because, again, I don't-- I think when we talk about Toney we have to talk about the fact that he's not like the-- if all of-- which of these things is not like the other? And his skill set should be differentiated, I think.

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah, I agree. I mean, the word I came up with is electric. It's obvious. You watch 10 plays of his you see how electric a player he is. But then you start sort of drilling down a little bit and asking yourself, does he run a full [INAUDIBLE]? Does he line up outside, inside predominantly? Does he win in both places? You know, the little details of the game.

Do I think he has those down yet? No, not particularly. But it doesn't matter because he's such a skilled player, I would be shocked if he got out of the top 40 unless there were major injury, or off field concerns that kind of came up a little bit.

So I do think that kind of puts him in that gadget role to start his career, but you know, he can expand as he goes along.

LIZ LOZA: Yeah, for me the word I came up with-- well, I should say that watching tape broadcasters consistently call him the shiftiest player in the FCC.

But I thought that Crafty was a little bit better than that. You know, he's got the [? YAC. ?] He's got the power. He's got this awesome change of direction ability and suddenness. And it's not just-- when you say that, though, and you watch the tape it's like the head fakes, and the elbows, the subtle elbows. Like all of that is down.

He's very, very fun to watch, but you're right he has limited experience taking, quote, regular wide receiver reps. And so that's going to mean he's probably at least going to be thought of. He has every opportunity after arriving in the NFL to evolve and broaden his skill set. But he's probably going to be thought of initially as a gadgety type receiver.