Why Jimmy Garoppolo's recent success could make 49ers more dangerous

Jessica Kleinschmidt

Jimmy Garoppolo is coming off arguably the best game of his career, throwing for four touchdowns in the 49ers' 28-25 win over the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday. 

He completed 28 completions of 37 attemps and four touchdowns topped it off with an Erin Andrews interview that had the internet buzzing. But will Jimmy G's success continue?

It's doubtful he'll have another one-on-one with Andrews in which he uses "baby" as a concluding quip, but this could be the start of something special for him on the field.

"I think I've sat here each and every week saying 'Kyle Shanahan is making this passing game he's scripting, creating these wide-open receivers,'" NBC Sports fantasy analyst Josh Norris said. "And really what Jimmy Garoppolo has had to do is throw the football and get the ball there, but what we saw against the Cardinals, which again, was on a short week, we saw for like series at a time, Jimmy Garoppolo was the one who stepped up."

Norris went on to detail a specific route Garoppolo had with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders that spotlighted Jimmy G's instincts in the pocket.

But Norris wants to see more.

"Now I'm not going to bank too much just on one performance especially against one of the worst Cardinals' defenses across the league, but if he can build on these, this is a team that could be even more dangerous if their quarterback is also making plays with a genius play-caller and also one of the best running games in the NFL."

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What Garoppolo did against Arizona was sensational, and he stood out on an already successful team that is dominating in every aspect of the game. As Norris says, if this was just the beginning of what the quarterback has to offer, that means great news for 49ers fans and fantasy owners ... but bad news for opponents. 

Why Jimmy Garoppolo's recent success could make 49ers more dangerous originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area