MLB Podcast: Why is baseball boring? (Plus, Trevor Bauer trolls Bregman & it's Vladito time!)

Yahoo Sports' Hannah Keyser, Tim Brown and Chris Cwik are back to weigh in on a burning question that faces generations young and old...

But first, they give their quick thoughts on the coolest things that happened in MLB this week, including Trevor Bauer’s Twitter troll job to Alex Bregman (1:30); Rhys Hoskins also got in on the trolling trend with his way-too-long home run trot (4:00); And it’s VLADITO TIME! The highly-anticipated debut of Vlad Guerrero Jr. and why his dad is probably nervous (7:00);

Then Hannah and Chris try to explain why they, as young people, find baseball boring, while Tim, as an old person, tries to make sense of their explanations (15:00);

They close out the show with things they’re worried about- and things they’re sure of, where Chris gets sentimental (38:00).

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(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

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