Why Glenn Hall and Ted Lindsay were traded to the Blackhawks

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Why Glenn Hall and Ted Lindsay were traded to the Hawks originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

It's often forgotten that Detroit Red Wings great Ted Lindsay spent three seasons with the Blackhawks from 1957-1960, missing out on the '61 Stanley Cup run.

The Hall of Fame forward won four Cups with the Wings before being shipped off to Chicago with good pal Glenn Hall, who won a Cup with Detroit as their backup goalie in '52 and another as the Hawks' starter in '61. 

The pair was sent to the Blackhawks in '57 for John Wilson, Forbes Kennedy, William Preston and Hank Bassen as punishment, the Hawks were a bad team at the time.

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Jack Adams, Detroit's then-general manager, was unhappy with the stir that Lindsay was causing as he questioned salaries for the players while trying to establish the NHL Players' Association, according to The Edmonton Sun.

One reason Glenn was sent to Chicgao with Ted was because of their friendship. Hall and Lindsay were such good friends that Glenn named one of his sons "Lindsay" after the Wings legend. The other was that the Red Wings had reacquired goalie Terry Sawchuk from the Boston Bruins.

"I remember when we first got to Chicago the team wasn’t very good and as we went on we picked up a bunch of players and the team got better and a good team will start to play good hockey," Hall told NBC Sports Chicago in December.

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Lindsay retired after the 1959-60 season, but came out of retirement for one more year in 1964-65 to finish his career with the Red Wings.

Hall had the last laugh for both of the unjustly disciplined players.

"Three years later [the Blackhawks] had the Cup on Detroit ice. So that had to be terribly satisfying for Dad," Glenn's son Pat said. "When you look at it overall, he came into the Blackhawks, they turned into everybody’s favorite through the '60s. So it was a great run."


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