Why fantasy managers should stick with Hunter Greene and Dustin May in 2023

Yahoo Fantasy's Andy Behrens and Dalton Del Don explain why both pitchers will be efficient this season.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Andy Behrens of Yahoo Fantasy here, joined by Dalton Del Don, and we are going to give you some picks with conviction about starting pitchers. Dalton, I love your call. Talk to us about Dustin May.

DALTON DEL DON: Listen, I hate the Dodgers as much as the next guy, but Dustin May is just being undervalued in fantasy leagues. He struggled with command as most pitchers do returning from Tommy John, but was also sneaky good last year, should be even better now, another six months removed from that surgery. May was recording a 31% K minus walk ratio before the injury. That's league best territory.

Yes, his workload will be somewhat limited, but Tony Gonsolin just won 16 games over 130 innings last year with the help of LA's run support and defense. Put differently, Gonsolin finished with the fifth most wins in baseball last year, despite pitching the 89th most innings and not being top 25 in K rate. May, on the other hand, has crazy spin rates, nasty stuff, and is in the same terrific situation. So he looks like an absolute fantasy steal.

ANDY BEHRENS: I love that call. I need it to be true. I'm going to talk about Hunter Greene, and allow me to be just the 19th fantasy expert to tell you that he really seemed to figure some stuff out in the second half last season. He's 23 years old. Guy throws like 105 miles an hour. He's got a vicious slider. In his final six starts last year, how about 51 K's in 35 innings, only four earned runs allowed, eight walks. That is an unreal K to walk ratio.

If we can just get 150 innings this season, that could mean 200 strikeouts from Greene. My official forecast is going to be 188 K's, let's say 10 wins, 3.50 era and a WHIP of 1.15.