Why fantasy managers should care about Tank Dell, Nico Collins and Houston's offense | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon talks about Tank Dell's incredible rookie season, Houston's WR group and Buffalo's dismantling of the Jets in Week 11.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Here's what I care and don't care about coming out of week 11's Sunday slate. I care about Tank Dell even more with Nico Collins back.

I think Tank Dell, right, now might be the most, if not certainly one of the most dangerous wide receivers on outbreaking routes, corner routes, deep outs, comebacks. These are big boy routes, and tank Dell is not necessarily a big boy.

Which brings me to the point of why it's important that Nico Collins is back for this team. Nico Collins had a fine day himself. He had seven catches on 11 targets. Team high, 11 targets, plus 60 yards.

He was fine in the game, but his presence allows Tank Dell to no longer have to line up at that X receiver spot. Tank Dell had 14 targets against the Bengals in the win last week.

But he only had six catches, he's a bit of a journey at the catch point in tight quarters, which makes sense, again, given this is a sub 170 pounds player.

So when he doesn't have to line up at that X receiver spot, when he can be used as a flanker off the line, when he can be even lined up in the slot sometimes as a match-up advantage, that allows Nico Collins deep in-breaking routes to kind of cross with those outbreaking routes of Tank Dell, which man, he is just shredding teams on these outbreaking routes right now.

He looks like such an explosive player able to beat man coverage running those big boy routes down the field with CJ Stroud. It's crazy to say this, but I certainly cannot remember a rookie to rookie connection being this good as CJ Stroud to Tank Dell as this year.

So it makes all the sense in the world why the top rookie quarterback asked for this guy, especially in the draft as his wide receiver. This is a guy you need to start every single week in fantasy football down the stretch.

Now the thing I don't care about, I don't care about how the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets, just that they did. Just that they got the job done.

Now I do think there are a few actionable takeaways to look at with this result, Bills over Jets. First of all, man, they ran the ball pretty well.

27 combined rush attempts between James Cook and Latavius Murray. I don't know how sticky Ty Johnson is, but he even got in the mix here for a few good looks, especially as a receiver out of the backfield.

James Cook also caught the ball out of the backfield. Those are going to be important attributes. The running backs need to be involved. The run game needs to be activated to keep this offense on schedule and try to get some of those turnovers out of Josh Allen here.

I think James Cook. As long as he continues to run well, can have a really nice finish to the season. And again, I continue to think it's notable that in the one tight end 11 personnel packages, Dalton Kincaid continues to catch a ton of passes.

Six on seven targets in this game, and Khalil Shakir makes big plays. No Gabe Davis, no targets in this game. But Khalil Shakir is the one making downfield plays.

I'd love to see more of Shakir, and even more stuff with Dalton Kincaid, who's so, so good for this team down the stretch. The Bills get it done today. Don't care as much about how they got it done, just that they got it done and continue to try to keep their season on track.