Why the Eagles and the Cowboys should both be proud after their SNF clash | You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and NFL Writer Frank Schwab discuss the Philadelphia Eagles 26-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, and talk about why both teams should feel confident coming out of their Sunday Night matchup.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Frank, I gotta tell you. Cooper Rush did his job admirably. Tip your cap to him. But, thank God, we can finally move off of this sheer absurdity of Cooper Rush unseating Dak Prescott as a starting quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys.

Obviously, the Dallas Cowboys lose 26 to 17 in the prime time game against a Philadelphia Eagles team that, I gotta be honest with you-- other than the health of the offensive line, I don't know what concerns I have about this team at all. That's it. The health of the offensive line. They gotta keep the offensive line together.

FRANK SCHWAB: No, that's really it. Injuries. We saw even Gardner-Johnson get hurt, but he came back. But in that moment, you're like, oh, this could be a bad injury. Stuff like that could happen.

But, no, this Eagles team-- I was saying it in August-- yes, I am taking a victory lap here-- that this team had no weakness if Jalen Hurts was OK. That was the question. Can Jalen Hurts be a solid quarterback? And he's been far more than solid.

You know, I mean, even-- I just wrote the game story from this and kind of wrote that both of these teams can feel pretty good about themselves. Look, the Cowboys are dead in the water at 20 to 0. They gotta pack it in. Whatever.

We got a backup quarterback. We have no shot in this game. They made this game interesting. It was 20-17. And there was real, hey, wow, the Cowboys might do this thing.

The Eagles went on a great drive after that, kind of this surgical drive, 13 plays, 75 yards. That took the game away. And, like you said, you know, I mean the Cowboys can look right now. If Dak's back next week or whenever he's gonna be back, soon, they can look back at this stretch and say, we really gained something.

And I think it's more than just winning four games, going 4 and 1. I think they now have the confidence-- they can come out of this game saying, you know what? Never gonna say this out loud, but if we would have had our starting quarterback at this game, we'd have beat y'all. That's how they should feel coming out of this game.

And Philly should feel like, we're 6 and 0. We put the hammer down on you guys in the first half. Got a little-- yeah, they came off flat in the second half. Took care of business when they had to. I thought it was a really-- it was an interesting game and the Eagles could feel good. I think Cowboys could feel good too.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, I'm with you. I think Dallas has to sit there and go, well, we just hung with them. And this might be the best team in football that's not the Buffalo Bills. I mean, that's-- that's a mean argument there.

But I think Dallas has to walk away from this feeling like, we showed something in terms of our ability to respond. The defense has-- I think it showed its legitimacy in the second half of that game. And, as you said with Philly, I mean, they're complete. Their depth chart looks fantastic.

I give you all the credit in the world because in August, when I went through there, I thought, man, it does look like a good team. But I really had my doubts about Jalen Hurts. I mean, I focused my entire conversation when I was there about what are you gonna do if this guy doesn't work out?

And what I was really thinking in my head was, what are you gonna do when this guy probably isn't going to ultimately work out as a starter? Well, I was wrong. So impressive win, though, for the Eagles I mean, it was-- even having come out fast the way that they did and then a little flat the second half, that's-- they'll--

FRANK SCHWAB: But you're up-- it's human nature. People get so mad about this, right? It's like, you know what, though? You're up 20-0. That's just-- whatever. Things happen. You're like, OK, we got this game. You let up a little bit. It's a long season. I don't really-- it didn't bother me whatsoever.

Now, it'd bother me if they hadn't come up with that 75-yard drive in the fourth quarter trying to take the game back. But I was gonna write about this probably for power rankings on Tuesday morning. You start looking at that Eagles schedule, Charles. They're gonna be favored at least in every game until December 24.

No, it doesn't mean they're gonna win every game. But it's not out of the question this team could go, like, 14 and 3. Maybe 15 and 2. That's just the way the schedule lays out. We're gonna be talking a lot about the Eagles this year. I'm just saying. This is a--


FRANK SCHWAB: --good, complete team. And the schedule just sets up incredibly well for them. And in NFC, that's totally terrible, except for the New York Giants, I guess. I don't know anything about football anymore 'cause the Giants are 5 and 1. But this Eagles team, I mean they're not just one of those teams where we're like, eh, is this a fluky 6 and 0? They're--


FRANK SCHWAB: This is a-- this is a 6 and 0 team, and they deserve to be 6 and 0. And before we know it, they're probably gonna be like 11 and 0 or 12 and 0.