Why Dwayne Haskins might only net Washington a 'Day 3 draft pick' in a trade

Mike DePrisco
·3 min read

Why Haskins might only net Washington a 'Day 3 draft pick' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Washington Football Team is expected to be a player at Tuesday's NFL Trade Deadline, due in large part to pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan and embattled quarterback Dwayne Haskins. 

Haskins was benched in favor of Kyle Allen and demoted all the way to No. 3 on Washington's depth chart after just four starts in 2020. The move created a ripple-effect of trade rumors coming from both his camp and the organization to the point where a divorce has become reportedly "inevitable."

The only problem now appears to be Haskins' trade value. Both of NBC's Mike Florio and Peter King have been skeptical of teams' willingness to give Washington a substantial offer for Haskins and the franchise's motivation to make a deal if they're underwhelmed by such offers. 

As King wrote in his latest Football Morning in America column, a late-round draft pick may end up being Haskins' market. 

"I think I find it hard to believe that a team would trade anything but a day-three draft pick for Dwayne Haskins by Tuesday’s trading deadline," King wrote. "First, he was not universally loved coming out of Ohio State, and most people around Washington believe owner Daniel Snyder had his fingers on the draft-grade scale before the team picked him 15th overall in 2019. Second, he hasn’t played well, although you certainly can’t draw any firm conclusions after 11 starts. Third, what would you think as an evaluator if the team that drafted Haskins 15th overall in 2019 demoted him to number three quarterback early in 2020?"

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If Washington only ends up with a Day 3 pick -- rounds 4-7 -- would a trade even be worth it? 

Excluding the potential off-the-field factors and unknown dynamics of Haskins' relationship with Rivera or the franchise as a whole, bailing on Haskins for such a low pick doesn't feel like the best use of resources. 

The 23-year-old may have struggled with consistency through his first 11 career starts. Kyle Allen may be the better quarterback now and Washington may even take a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft as the franchise guy moving forward.

But Haskins is still only in his second year in the league with another two low-cost years on his contract before Washington would have to decide on his fifth-year option. Quarterbacks don't come cheap in the NFL, so even if Washington kept Haskins and developed him in the backup role to trade at a later date, it's hard to imagine them fetching anything worse than a Day 3 draft pick.

As King said, how should another team feel about Haskins after watching Rivera demote him from starter to No. 3? Washington may have moved on from Haskins as the starter this year, but it may not be time to completely give up on him yet. Shortly after benching him, Rivera made it clear he hadn't done that. 

"Again, as I said, I have not quit on the kid as far as his development," Rivera said at the time. "This is an opportunity for him to continue to learn and grow and develop."