Why Draymond always defers to Steph in Warriors' decision-making process

Why Draymond always defers to Steph in Warriors' decision-making process originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

While Draymond Green remains the Warriors' most vocal leader when it comes to helping the front office make personnel decisions, he made it clear that anything he wants to do always will go through Steph Curry.

During an appearance on the “7PM in Brooklyn” podcast with Carmelo Anthony and Kid Mero, Green explained that while he is the one who floats ideas to the front office about potential moves, he always will defer to Curry for final approval.

“I can only anchor as far as Steph Curry allows me,” Green said. “At the end of the day, I can take something to third base, but it can only get to home plate if Steph says so. I would never cross Steph.

“It is my role to take stuff from first to third…I’m taking it from first to third every time, but he’s got to close it, he’s got to stamp it and he’s got to say, ‘I agree’.”

Anthony then asked Green if he thought it was easier to work with someone like Curry due to his selfless nature and lack of big ego, to which he replied affirmatively, explaining how they work through Green’s decision-making process.

“It 100 percent helps because again, I’m never going to disrespect Steph so if he’s not cool with it, I’m not cool with it,” Green explained to Anthony. “I’m only going to do something with his approval. Now, I’ll float the ideas and I know his reaction. If I float an idea and he’s like ‘Huh, talk to me about that,’ then cool we got some action. If I float an idea and he’s not about it, I’m not going back to it…

“It’s a testament to Steph and his character but also his secureness in himself, like Steph knows exactly who he is, there’s no question.”

Green has had his hands in plenty of big decisions over his years with the Warriors, with his courtship of Kevin Durant leading to his blockbuster free-agent signing with Golden State in 2016.

More recently, Green was engaged with senior leadership about a potential trade for Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, though that deal was never seriously considered by James’ camp.

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