Why Domonique Foxworth is picking Eagles to reach Super Bowl LVII

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Why former CB says Eagles will reach the Super Bowl originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

In case you've missed it, the Eagles hype train is up and running and just about threatening to roll off the rails ahead of Week 1 in Detroit.

Between a fleshed-out roster and a recent trade to spark the interest of national observers, plenty of folks think the Eagles could win the NFC East and go on a little playoff run.

But could the Eagles really be... back in the Super Bowl come February?

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That's what former NFL cornerback and current ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth is predicting. Foxworth, who spent six seasons between the Broncos, Falcons, and Ravens from 2005 to 2011, made his NFL predictions on an episode of The Domonique Foxworth Show.

Here's how he explained putting the Birds in Super Bowl LVII:

"Their roster is incredible. Their quarterback is average to above average. The situation is outstanding. What it comes to, when I look at my final four, I feel like I'm a sucker for institutional stability.


"Nick Sirianni seems like he's growing into the job well. They are a stable institution, and damn if they're not one of the most talented teams I've ever seen - just, again, you know how I feel about secondary play and they've got corners for days. That is a weak spot on every team, just about, and they've got corners.


"Every position that you think about that is kind of important, they got guys there. They've got two Pro Bowl-level offensive tackles; they've got two Pro Bowl-level corners, maybe three; they've got D tackles in Cox, Jordan [Davis] ... they've got two All-Pro level receivers, or at least Pro Bowl-level receivers, and a quarterback who is comfortable in big situations, has athleticism to change the count in the running attack, can serviceably run the RPO, though he's got a little bit of the thing that we hold against Lamar Jackson in that, if you're down by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and everybody knows you need to drop back, it's gonna be harder for him to do it.

"They seem like a team - again, because of institutional ability - that I really like."

I don't know if Foxworth is on the Eagles payroll yet, but he should be because that just fired me up just about as well as any hype video can.

There might be some who can try to poke holes in Foxworth's arguments - Do the Eagles really have "corners for days"? Isn't having an average QB a problem for a title contender? - but overall you have to like his positions. The idea of a stable franchise putting together an uber-talented roster is pretty darn enticing.

I'm not ready to call the Eagles a Super Bowl team like Foxworth did here (put me down for 11 to 12 wins and I'll see where January takes us) but I won't call him crazy for it either.

Foxworth's other Super Bowl pick, by the way, is Andy Reid's Kansas City Chiefs. Can you imagine Eagles vs. Andy Reid in the big game? My goodness, the storylines.