Why DK Metcalf went shirtless when meeting Pete Carroll for the first time

Lindsey Wisniewski
NBC Sports Northwest

First impressions are everything. DK Metcalf knows this from experience. 

That's why the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver made a bold move to impress his future coach, Pete Carroll, at last year's NFL Scouting Combine. 

Metcalf decided to show off his impressive physique, walking into his first meeting with Carroll without a shirt. So, what did the then 67-year-old coach do in response? He took off his shirt too. 

The Seahawks later shared a video of the surreal scene: 

According to Metcalf, the idea to go topless wasn't exactly his idea. It was Seahawks scout Aaron Hineline's.

"They had a scout that was like my group leader, and he was like ‘When you come to our meeting, take your shirt off,'" Metcalf said in a recent episode of Pardon My Take. "And I was like no, I can't do that, bro. And he was like ‘do it, he's going to be fired up about it,' so I said I'll do it.

"I walked in with my shirt off and he took his shirt off. We were two shirtless men just hanging out."

Carroll later revealed what he thought when Metcalf walked into the interview shirtless.  

"Well, I was surprised he came into our interview with his shirt off, "Carroll said. "And it kind of pissed me off, so I took my shirt off too ... not for long, though."

Well, apparently the first impression stuck with Carroll. The Seahawks ended up drafting Metcalf in the second-round on April 26 and he went on to become one of Russell Wilson's main targets in 2019.

In 15 starts, Metcalf caught 58 of his 100 targets for 900 yards along with seven touchdown receptions. He finished second in catches, third in receiving yards, and tied for the third-most touchdowns among all rookie receivers.

Why DK Metcalf went shirtless when meeting Pete Carroll for the first time originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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