Why did Bridget Moynahan randomly post a Tom Brady Patriots jersey on Twitter?

Darren Hartwell
NBC Sports Boston

If you opened Twitter recently -- in this age of social distancing, who isn't checking social media more often? -- we're guessing there's a tweet that left you quite puzzled.

We're talking about this one:

That's actress Bridget Moynahan, who dated Tom Brady before he married Gisele Bundchen and is the mother of Brady's first child, posting Brady's No. 12 New England Patriots jersey (the "color rush" alternate, at that) without any explainer text.

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What's Moynahan doing here? Is this a tribute to her former partner after Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency? Is she cleaning out the house while in self-quarantine and putting her Brady jersey up for sale?

Alas, it's neither.

Turns out Moynahan is counting down the days of Lent, a Christian observance that spans 40 days from Ash Wednesday (February 26) to April 9, three days before Easter Sunday.

The actress has been using various images of numbers to count down from 40, and she opted for TB12 on Wednesday.

Random, huh?

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Moynahan grew up in Massachusetts, so maybe she'll keep the Patriots theme rolling Thursday and post a Julian Edelman jersey.

As for Brady, it's still unclear whether he'll stick with No. 12 in Tampa Bay, where Pro Bowl wide receiver Chris Godwin occupies the number.

But if he switches to his college number, than Moynahan has another Brady option for Friday.

Why did Bridget Moynahan randomly post a Tom Brady Patriots jersey on Twitter? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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