Why Detroit beating the Cardinals is a disastrous outcome for the Lions

Charles Robinson & Frank Schwab react to the Detroit Lions' shocking 30-12 win over the Arizona Cardinals. With two wins and a tie, the Lions are currently slated for the second overall pick in April's draft. Charles & Frank disagree that being leapfrogged by the Jaguars for the first overall pick is a disastrous outcome for the Lions.

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Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: I was just beside myself, because look, I'm not for tanking, OK. I'm not. But I do remember when the Detroit Lions had a line on Chase Young, OK. Second pick, they're going to get the second pick. They win this game toward the end of the season. Meaningless.

I'm like, this is stupid. This is dumb. You just lost Chase Young. And all these Lions fans got in my ear.

We don't care about the draft. People talking about the draft right now are losers, blah, blah, blah. I'm like, all I've heard is that you hate Jeff Okudah, he's a bust, he hasn't worked out, what a mess, what a terrible-- obviously, Chase Young's season ends earlier for Washington. I would much rather have him, OK.

Now you're in a situation where you can have the number one pick in the draft, right. I mean, I just-- to me, I looked at the schedule. I'm like, probably going to lose out here. But you know what, you're going to have the top pick.

It's probably a two-player draft, so if you have one or two, you could be OK. But I sure would want, in my evaluations, to be picking first in that too, just in case. In my evaluations, I'm like, we really like one guy and not the other, or we like him more than the other.

What happens? The Detroit Lions, god bless them, they beat the Arizona Cardinals. And then--


CHARLES ROBINSON: We keep having-- every couple weeks, it's the least, you know-- it's the most incomprehensible game we could have thought of.


CHARLES ROBINSON: This one, to me, had to be it. Like, this is it. There's no way in hell I would have ever believed this would happen. They beat the Arizona Cardinals 30 to 12, whoop them, whoop them.

Jared Goff plays a really good game. Detroit's defense played a really good game. They kind of put it all together and like-- and all I can think about is, I'm happy for them. I'm happy for the fan base that you won, but you are so snake bitten that you can't even seem to lose in the right spots and win in the right spots, which is a weird thing to say.

But I truly-- I'm just telling you, there's just times like this-- go ask the Jets. Go ask the Jets. As bad as Trevor Lawrence is playing right now, as screwed up as it is, go ask the Jets if they care whether or not they had one or two.


CHARLES ROBINSON: They do. It does matter in spots. I just-- I'm happy for Lions fans, but Jesus.

FRANK SCHWAB: Now let me push back a little bit because--


FRANK SCHWAB: Because there's something to be said-- like, there's something to be said for winning and getting a winning culture going--


FRANK SCHWAB: --and getting some, hey, no, we didn't go 0, 16, and 1 or whatever. We won a couple games late.


FRANK SCHWAB: We beat the pants off of Arizona. I think that's good for your locker room. I think it's good for you--


FRANK SCHWAB: --going forward. And also--


FRANK SCHWAB: --I mean, me and you both know you can't tank in the NFL. It just doesn't work. You can-- look, they've already stripped down the roster. What else are they going to do? You cannot tell Jared Goff, go throw some interceptions. [INAUDIBLE]

CHARLES ROBINSON: There's no playing the young guys. You're just not like--

FRANK SCHWAB: No, there's nobody else.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Let's get a look--

FRANK SCHWAB: There's nobody on the bench.

CHARLES ROBINSON: --at the backups. Yeah, no. I mean, there's nobody you're trying to groom for later.

FRANK SCHWAB: Right. So and I mean, that Chase Young example, it's one in your favor, for sure. But how many times have we seen it work out where the first, second pick isn't what we thought he was, but the third, fourth pick ends up being a really good fit? I don't know, I think this was totally fine for the Lions.

I think for one, you can't tell people to tank. It's just-- that's not how the NFL works.

CHARLES ROBINSON: No, no, no, no, I'm not saying tanking. My point was--

FRANK SCHWAB: Well, no, no.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It's a nuanced point.

FRANK SCHWAB: It's a bad win. That's a bad win.

CHARLES ROBINSON: No, but it's-- I'm not telling people to tank. I don't like tanking. I'm not for it. Like, I'm not-- like, I kind of make jokes about it. Terez and I used to make jokes about Miami tanking for Tua and all that stuff.


CHARLES ROBINSON: And I'm just more like, when I look at the franchise, I'm like, there are times where it's going to be really advantageous to win. There's times where it's going to be advantageous to lose. And it sounds weird to say that, but it's the truth.

Because of how the league is designed and how talent is procured, there are times where, even though you're trying to win, you lose, and there's a silver lining to the loss. The opposite is, sometimes you win, and the silver lining isn't quite what you would think it is. And I'm with you.

You're right about the culture. I guess the question is, do you believe that Dan Campbell-- if you're like, he is definitely going to be the coach, it's definitely going to work, he's the right guy for the team-- if you believe that, then absolutely. You know what, then win every game out, going out.

Like, fine. If you believe in him. If you're 100%, your faith is there that he's the right guy, it's the right call, it's the right build, then it doesn't matter. I am not quite there. OK, not, not quite. I am not there at all, OK, with this being a long-term. I guess in two years--

FRANK SCHWAB: I'll be honest--

CHARLES ROBINSON: --the staff, I think, will be different and will be going, hmm, maybe that wasn't such a great thing.

FRANK SCHWAB: Maybe I'm just being dumb, but I'm kind of buying in. And I didn't think I would.


FRANK SCHWAB: I was with you. Months ago, I was like, rolling my eyes with the whole kneecap biting thing and this rah rah stuff that just doesn't-- this is not college, OK. This doesn't work.

But I watch this team play hard every single week. There's been a couple of ti-- the Eagles got up on them and just kind of took their will. Last week against the Broncos, you could see a letdown coming after their Super Bowl win against the Vikings in the last play. You knew they were going to let down.

But they come back this week against a team that they're, I think, 13, 12.5-point underdogs. They had no business winning that game, and they dominated. Like you said, they dominated this game.

CHARLES ROBINSON: They did. They really did.

FRANK SCHWAB: I kept watching like, OK, Cardinals are going to get a drive going here, and they're going to flip the game around. It just never happened. Like, they got absolutely pushed around.

So I'm actually kind of buying into Dan Campbell. I think that these guys like playing for him. He could be one of these coaches who's not necessarily an X's and O's guru but a good kind of CEO type of coach. If he's got the right coordinators around him, I could see him being a success, because the players buy into what he's selling.