Why is Dak Prescott excited about Ezekiel Elliott’s return to the Dallas Cowboys?

Dak Prescott is ecstatic that Ezekiel Elliott is returning to the Dallas Cowboys for the 2024 season.

“Super excited. Just obviously knowing our history, my experience with him as a brother, but, in this case, as a teammate, understanding what he brings to the team,” Prescott said on Wednesday. “Just the locker room alone, the culture he sets, a guy that does everything the right way from, from the locker room to the field.”

Prescott was at Rider Field for the Dallas Cowboys annual Reliant Home Run Derby and explained why he was happy for Elliott’s return.

Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott came to the Cowboys together in the 2016 Draft and burst onto the scene.

The pair played the first seven years of their career together breaking Cowboys records while winning three division titles and making four playoff appearances while becoming close friends.

Elliott left the Cowboys as the franchise’s third all-time rusher with 8,262 yards during his first stint with the team.

Elliott was cut from the Cowboys following the 2022 season, signing with the New England Patriots, but rejoined the team ahead of the upcoming season

Prescott further praised Elliott for his locker room demeanor.

“He’s honest, what you see is what you get as I said, he can have fun when it’s time, but when it’s time to be serious and lock in, there’s nobody better than him,” said Prescott, “Just to be able to bring the fun to the locker room, but in the same sense you see that and be able to separate that moment you walk on the field to see his focus, to see his intensity, to see the way that he practiced as I said every young guy should follow, the way that he goes about his business on the field.”

Prescott said he had faith in the running back room because of the roster’s depth and talent and the role Elliott will have.

“You add a guy like Zeke, to a room that has a lot of depth in that sense, obviously, it’s a young group,” said Prescott, “But I think that’s the benefit of adding a guy like Zeke and what he can bring to that, what he can just give those guys for their career, the way that they can approach it, that’s going to speed that process up for them.”

Prescott and Elliott talked throughout the offseason and both knew the opportunity for a reunion with the Cowboys was on the table.

“I mean, me and Zeke always talk,” said Prescott, “So it was, it was all excitement as soon as it was mentioned ... nobody supported him more when he was up north.”