Why Cody Bellinger's return to Cubs is beneficial for both sides

Yahoo Sports’ national MLB insider Russell Dorsey discusses the slugger’s new deal with Chicago and explains why the Cubs had to bring him back.

Video Transcript

RUSSELL DORSEY: What's going on, guys? Russ Dorsey here with you, national MLB insider for Yahoo! Sports. The Chicago Cubs have re-signed Cody Bellinger on a three-year, $80 million deal. Now, according to reports, there are two opt-outs included in this deal, one after year one and the second after year two, allowing Bellinger to reenter the marketplace if he has another All-Star-caliber season in 2024 or 2025.

This is a big move for the Chicago Cubs. For a guy in Bellinger who was their best offensive player last year, they just simply had to bring him back. You couldn't lose your best offensive player and then expect to improve on the 83-win season they had in 2023.

Now with Bellinger back in the fold, and they bring in Hector Neris to be a late-inning option-- Shota Imanaga to be in that rotation-- and another big acquisition, bringing over Craig Counsell from the Milwaukee Brewers to be their manager, now they can look to improve on their 83-win season and try to make it back to October.