Why Boston should be looking for rotation bigs and ballhandlers on top of forwards

When the team president of the Boston Celtics tells you what the team needs ahead of the 2024 NBA trade deadline, it’s a safe bet that player archetype is a focus of the organization between now and Feb.8. And since Brad Stevens says that the Celtics hope to add a bigger forward to the team’s rotation, we’ll take him at face value.

But analysts believe that’s not the only area the Celtics should be trying to improve, such as Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley. For Buckley, Boston should also be looking to add big man depth and ball handling to their ball club before the deadline. “Kornet and Neemias Queta have both looked good in reserve roles, but it’s still fair to wonder whether they are playoff-ready,” notes the B/R analyst, noting Kristaps Porzingis’ injury history and Al Horford’s age.

“(Payton) Pritchard’s first season as a full-time member of the rotation has largely impressed,” he notes. “Boston could still be in the market for backcourt depth.”

“A pass-first guard who can hold his own at the point of attack might be able to carve out a niche role on this roster,” writes Buckley, alluding to Pritchard’s baked-in defensive shortcomings at just 6-foot-1.

“None of these needs are great enough for Boston to part with any assets of value, but a cheap move for a role player could help shore up one of this roster’s few weak spots.”

For us, a backup big is the chief need after a larger wing, but if the Celtics found a forward able to play some 5, it might be possible to deal for a bigger guard as well. What Boston does with their open roster spot, and whether they send out salary in a two-for-one trade, could play a role in their moves.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire