Whoa … ‘spine-tingling’ equestrian action comes to Las Vegas for the Teton Ridge Stallion Stakes

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hold your horses. The best riders and horses in the world are at South Point Hotel Casino & Spa in Las Vegas for the Teton Ridge Stallion Stakes.

According to the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA), the organization that puts on the Stallion Stakes, the event provides the most “spine-tingling action” in the world of equestrian sports.

Nick Dowers is an NRCHA Million Dollar Rider or an individual whose winnings in the sport have surpassed $1 million. He called the competition “glorified ranch work” with available prizes ranging up to $500,000.

“If you’ve ever been live, it’s kind of an edge-of-your-seat type of event,” Dowers said.

The sport includes various events, including cutting, in which Dowers said horses demonstrate their abilities to control a cow by keeping it separated from the herd. Reigning demonstrates how well a horse can stop and spin. Dowers said fence work is the best competition of all, seeing long runs of horses chasing cows, calling it “pretty exciting.”

The Teton Ridge Stallion Stakes is free and open to the public. It runs from April 4 through April 12. More information is available on the NRCHA website.

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