Who is Steve Ballmer, besides possibly the new owner of the Clippers?

FILE - This file photo taken Nov. 19, 2013, shows then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during the company's annual shareholders meeting in Bellevue, Wash. An individual with knowledge of negotiations to sell the Los Angeles Clippers said Shelly Sterling has reached an agreement to sell the team to Ballmer for $2 billion. The individual, who wasn't authorized to speak publicly, told The Associated Press on Thursday, May 29, 2014, that Ballmer and the Sterling Family Trust now have a binding agreement. The deal now must be presented to the NBA. Ballmer beat out bids by Guggenheim Partners and a group including former NBA All-Star Grant Hill. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

Who is Steve Ballmer, who's about to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion? We'll tell you in detail in just a bit, but first, we'd like to show you:

Yes, that's your latest owner, most likely, and if he doesn't do that romp-around dance during the Clippers' first game of the 2014-15 season, we're prepared to consider this whole purchase a failure.

Ballmer is a man who can act like that onstage, because Ballmer is a man who has more money than most of that audience put together. And if the former Microsoft CEO is half as outspoken in the world of the NBA as he was in the world of technology, he's going to oust Mark Cuban from the outrageous-owner throne.

You may not know who Ballmer is, but you may very well be reading this on a product in some way influenced by him. Ballmer made his estimated $20 billion fortune in Microsoft, where he served as CEO from 2000 to this past February. He'd been involved with the company right from the beginning, when he met a fellow Harvard student by the name of Bill Gates. Under Ballmer's watch, Microsoft moved away from its PC-only mentality and diversified into product lines and services that now include Xbox, Cloud Storage, and Skype.

Ballmer has long been a favorite among tech-industry types because of his outsize personality, which combines circus ringleader, infomercial hawker and boxing-ring announcer. As a result, his videos are must-watch, like this 1986 one hawking Windows 1.0 (A calendar! A clock! And Reversi!):

A few years later, he brought a similarly understated approach to shilling Windows XP:

And he's a man not afraid to sweat for what he believes in. If he gets this excited about software developers, imagine how thrilled he'll get about swingmen!

One important point to note: the Clippers are almost surely staying in Los Angeles. While Ballmer was part of a team that unsuccessfully tried to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, he told the LA Times that the team's Los Angeles location is a key element of its value.

He also took pains right from the start to distance himself from Donald Sterling, whose Clippers reign has ended in ugly, racially-stained disgrace:

Four words, once we catch our breath: This. Will. Be. Fun.


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