White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar home from hospital, expected to pitch again after brain hemorrhage

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The White Sox announced that <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/9072/" data-ylk="slk:Danny Farquhar">Danny Farquhar</a>’s neurosurgeon expects the pitcher — who is home from the hospital after a&nbsp;brain&nbsp; <span>hemorrhage — to be able to pitch again</span>. (AP)
The White Sox announced that Danny Farquhar’s neurosurgeon expects the pitcher — who is home from the hospital after a brain  hemorrhage — to be able to pitch again. (AP)

On April 20, Chicago White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm suffered between innings of an appearance against the Houston Astros.

On Monday, the White Sox announced that Farquhar had been released from the hospital with an optimistic prognosis from his neurosurgeon, Dr. Demetrius Lopes.

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What’s next for Danny Farquhar?

Farquhar’s focus is obviously his immediate health. While Lopes expects Farquhar to be able to pitch eventually, it sounds like the White Sox have ruled him out for the rest of this season.

With Farquhar just going home from the hospital, it’s far too early to know if the prognosis of his being able return to the mound means he’ll be able to do so at an MLB level. The 31-year-old relief pitcher has appeared in eight games this season, posting a 5.63 ERA in his eighth MLB season.

What is Danny Farquhar’s health status?

The White Sox didn’t elaborate on the progress Farquhar has made since suffering the hemorrhage. Cerebral aneurysms claim the lives of 40 percent of the people who suffer them, with more than half of the survivors suffering long-term disabilities. So Farquhar is already ahead of the curve.

Faquhar’s agent told Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan last week that every day was getting better.

“He has been progressing every day,” Sohail Shahpar said on Thursday. “And the outlook is positive in terms of his overall recovery.”

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