White Sox' Mike Clevinger feels weight lifted after MLB investigation ends

Clevinger speaks for 1st time since MLB investigation ended originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Mike Clevinger addressed the media on Tuesday, for the first time since learning he will not be suspended, and said it feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. MLB announced on Sunday that they would not discipline Clevinger after investigating domestic and child abuse allegations brought against him by the mother of one of his children.

“I'm just thankful for the due process playing out the way it is and the truth getting out there,” Clevinger said.

“It was a trying time. I'm just lucky to have the right people in my corner. I got, you know, my family behind me. You know, my agency has been through me with this. The White Sox have been there every step of the way. And of course, my teammates.”

Clevinger specifically mentioned his appreciation for his teammates’ support throughout the process, acknowledging the investigation was a distraction in the early parts of Spring Training.

“I’ve felt bad this whole time,” Clevinger said. “They've had to answer questionsー felt bad the other day, (Lucas Giolito) had to get done with his start and talk about it. I'm ready for them not to have to answer to this, and ready for us to all just focus on this baseball thing that we're here to do.

“I'm trying to move forward and focus on baseball now, focus on helping us win and, you know, looking forward to helping my family heal from this.”

Clevinger also shared a message for White Sox fans.

“I just appreciate everyone who, you know, waited until the verdict was out, waited until the facts came out, and didn't rush to judgment on this and, you know, kept their cool and understood the ramifications of these accusations.”

Olivia Finestead accused Clevinger of two instances of domestic violence last summer when he was still playing for the Padres. The White Sox and a source cited in the initial report of the accusations said the White Sox were unaware of those accusations when they signed him to a free agent deal in December.

“The comprehensive investigation included interviews of more than 15 individuals, in addition to Mr. Clevinger and the complainant, as well as a review of available documents, such as thousands of electronic communication records,” MLB said in a statement last Sunday. “The Office of the Commissioner has closed this investigation and, barring the receipt of any new information or evidence, will not be imposing discipline on Mr. Clevinger in connection with these allegations.”

Clevinger now feels like he can completely concentrate on baseball for the first time this spring and looks forward to putting the allegations behind him. He’s expected to pitch next on Saturday against the Padres.

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